Why are the prices of trailers so different?

Why are the prices of trailers so different?

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Some customers just say that they feel that looking at the trailer is almost why your house is expensive? I said you have to believe in an eternal truth - cheap goods are not good! You can't just be g
Some customers just say that they feel that looking at the trailer is almost why your house is expensive? I said you have to believe in an eternal truth - cheap goods are not good! You can't just be greedy for bargains. If you feel greedy at that time, you'll make up for it twice in the future. You'll spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the front of the car, so you don't care about the thousands of dollars that the trailer costs. Any commodity price is sold through cost pricing. In fact, it is still a cost problem to say 10000 yuan.
1. Steel is different. The price and quality of big and small steel mills are different. Big steel mills are several hundred yuan more expensive per ton than small steel mills. The simplest steel for trailers is steel.
2. Different accessories. Similarly, a few dozen or hundreds of yuan will be checked for any vehicle sub-pump, or even several hundred yuan will be worse. A small gap of a few cents is also a cost, more will increase the cost.
3. Production equipment is different. Similarly, some manufacturers of an electric welding machine use domestic or imported famous brands, such as Panasonic, Siemens and so on. Some manufacturers that sell cheap cars at low cost use cheap or second-hand welding machines. Can the quality of trailers welded out in this way be the same? Even if the appearance looks the same, there are also different, the two pieces of steel can be completely dissolved and combined without penetration of welding. Such products will slowly go wrong in the process of future use, especially overload or poor road conditions will reduce the service life of trailers. A large CNC plasma cutting machine is hundreds of thousands, and a large gantry welding machine or special-shaped welding machine is tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. Is this not the cost of equipment? Can different equipment produce the same product?
4. The process cost is different. For example, if the same trailer is produced, the cheaper manufacturer needs 15 processes, while the more expensive one thousand may need 25 processes. Doesn't such a process difference require the purchase of equipment and the use of labor? Some manufacturers can save, what small parts wrap angle or hole processing alone, trouble and trouble to delay production, so on the last pot of paint finished, do not understand the guest outdoor watch can not see the internal details.
5. Painting equipment and paint are different. The same color of paint is good and inexpensive on the difference of tens or hundreds of yuan, some trailers spray out on a particularly bright, and in the future use process is not easy to decolor and fade. Some of them have no gloss just after spraying, the whole trailer is dark, the adhesion is not strong, it will not take long to paint and fade, and then the trailer rusts and breaks.
6. There are also accessories such as electrical circuits and lamps. The price of the attachment can easily be hundreds of yuan worse. Many card friends said that his new Trailer didn't use long before the lights went on, the wires were broken, the copper wires in the wires were broken, and the trailer was broken in a few days, just like a one-time test run in the factory. Some skeleton vehicles use good cluster circuit and high quality LED lamps.
7. Talent costs are different. Similarly, employing a senior engineer, workshop owner, workshop workers and other salaries are not the same, tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of different a year, good engineer design, good workshop director management, good workers produce a lot of products, the details of the products produced are accumulated bit by bit, which has a great impact on the quality. Finally, it comes down to the old saying: one price, one goods. Because the manufacturer can not do business below the cost, if it is below the cost, that is to lose money. The manufacturer has no profit, and there is no capital and energy to develop and import advanced equipment. Therefore, if we look at it from several perspectives, the answer will be more reasonable.