Warehouse type semi-trailer series

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Warehouse type semi-trailer series

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◆  Design: Model and fence structure are reasonably designed considering the category of user goods, to meet the fully weight situation to reduce the weight of the car. The structure is simple and easy dismantling, which is to reduce the investment cost and create more profit value.
◆  Materials: The adopted material is combined the light high strength steel and ordinary high strength steel, longitudinal beam and integral cross beam group welded into space frame structure, which can balance the strength, stiffness and toughness of the frame, strong the bearing capacity, and make sure no permanent deformation.
◆  Process: vertical beam adopt straight or gooseneck. The height of the plate is from 400 to 500,  and the vertical beam iswelded by automatic submerged arc welding.The frame is treated with shot blasting to eliminate the surface stress and increase the surface aesthetic feeling and surface spraying adhesion.


Warehouse type semi-trailer series

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